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CHIPS stands for Crofton Hammond Infant Parents and Staff – and is our PTA group.

CHIPS raises valuable funds which are used to buy much needed resources and equipment for the school. In past years we have bought interactive white boards for each classroom, replaced the gym equipment and helped to transform the outside play areas. This year, we are raising much needed funds to replace all the computers in the school.

Each year CHIPS hold various fundraising events which include school discos, film nights, cake sales, as well as a Christmas and a Summer Fair.

The currently elected officers are as follows:

• Chair – Teresa Allison

• Secretary – Charlotte Risk

• Treasurer – Nicola Liva

However, we also have many invaluable helpers who ensure that every event runs smoothly. Please do get in touch if you’d like to be involved. It’s a great group of people, lots of fun and it really does make a difference to our children’s school experience.

Contact us at

Please see below for a calendar of events which the CHIPS team are hoping to run this year. These are subject to change and will require volunteer support to make them happen.

CHIPS AUTUMN 2021-22 Events;

Thank you for all your Christmas card orders; as a school we have received 111 orders which has raised £262.00. Thank you to everyone who was contributed to, or visited, the Christmas Market and Grotto, we raised over £1,600.

CHIPS SPRING 2021-22 Events;

Thank for all your support at the tea, cake and uniform sale on Thursday 17th February, which raised £317 for our school.

CHIPS SUMMER 2021-22 Events;

  • Summer Fair, between 14:30 and 16:30 on Friday 8th July. The letter detailing how to get involved, plus the raffle tickets, were sent home in book bags on Monday 20th June. In addition your help is needed to make the fair a success, please click here to see how you can get involved!
  • School Disco, in the school hall, between 16:30 and 18:00, on Friday 15th July. More details, including the reply slip can be found in this Disco Letter.
  • Summer party taking place on Thursday 21st July, further information to be advised.